Chemical Cleaning

Special Chemicals for the Chemical Cleaning

Alkaline Cleaning

Activators, dispersants, surfactants and defoamers for chemical cleaning in alkaline media.

For degreasing and cleaning of metal parts in alkaline medium adapted cleaners. 

Acidic Cleaning

Inhibitors for the Acidic Cleaning
(Corrosion)-Inhibitors, which prevent or at least strongly limit the attack of the acid on the material to be cleaned in acidic cleaning processes.

Additives for the Acidic Cleaning

Acidic Cleaners
Ready to use mixtures of acid and inhibitor.

Neutralizing Agents
for the treatment after an acidic cleaning

Neutral Cleaning

Additives for the cleaning in neutral media

non-aqueous cleaning

solvent containing cleaners

Chemical cleanings of plant parts are always necessary when the heat transfer surfaces are contaminated and consequently the cooling or heating of a process is not ensured anymore, or the flow of a liquid medium is hindered when tubes and other parts of a plant are blocked. Such plant parts are e.g. boilers, cooling towers and water pipings where disturbing losses of pressure occur. The reason for such contaminations can be precipitations of suspended solids (exceeding of the solubility product), adherence of washed out solid matter (fouling), formation of corrosion products, adherence of microorganisms (biofouling), as well as fats, oils or other organic substances, e.g. Drilling and grinding emulsions, corrosion protection and cooling lubricants etc. There is no universal agent for the quick removal of contamination. Some can be removed well with alkaline agents, others better in the acidic range, and depending on the system, material incompatibilities have to be considered. The large number of conceivable cleaning problems makes detailed advice before the start of cleaning useful.

Contact us before you clean, we are glad to be of assistance!

On request, we can analyze incrustations in our laboratory and develop a cleaning strategy based on our many years of experience and taking into account the conditions on site.

For more detailed questions on the effectiveness and other areas of application, please contact our technical consultants.

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