Special Chemicals for Production and Maintenance in the Steel Industry

Pickling Inhibitors

The addition of pickling inhibitors of the ADACID type reduces the acidic attack on the base metal. Different types of ADACID are used depending on the acid and the temperature.

Corrosion Protection

After an acidic treatment, the materials are very reactive. Steel surfaces in particular quickly become coated with a thin layer of flash rust when they get in contact with air or moisture. To prevent this corrosion phenomenon, so-called passivators are added to the rinsing water to form a protective layer. KEBOCOR and NEUTRACID products fulfil this task.

Metal Degreasing

Additives (KEBOSOL) for degreasing and cleaning of metal surfaces in aqueous solutions

Acidic Metal Cleaner

Ready formulated cleaning agents (KEBOCLEAN) for degreasing and cleaning of metal surfaces in aqueous solutions.

Specialty chemicals for the steel industry include products for surface treatment and corrosion prevention of metals during pickling and degreasing.
KEBO has decades of experience in protecting steel surfaces during steel production. Research, new products and service have made us famous. We supply special products, inhibitors, passivators, activators and give individual advice.
The purpose of pickling is the removal of the oxide or scale layer as well as other corrosion products from the metal surface with the help of acids. However, the base metal is also undesirably attacked during the process. This acid attack leads to material loss, unnecessary acid consumption and pickling damage, i.e. pore formation, over-pickling, hydrogen embrittlement, poor pickling atmosphere, etc.

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